Modern Beast

Wool Bone Catnip Cat Toy

Colour: Rose

Give a dog a bone. It’s a phrase as old as time. And now it’s time for an update. We say it's time to include cats! With our hand-felted wool bones - and their sleek modern design - you can now give your kitty a stylish, eco-friendly and 100% wool bone!

Our wool bones come with one packet of 100% organic catnip and are made of densely felted, 100% natural wool.

  • Tightly felted wool acts as a natural floss that cleans your cat's teeth

  • Hand felted with love

  • Comes with organic catnip to sprinkle on toy before play


100% wool

Wiping with a wet cloth will remove most stains
Handwash in lukewarm water with plain soap
Lay flat to dry

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