Scruff Coat Spray




L’floof detangle spray is based on naturally derived ingredients and formulated with aloe vera and vitamin B5 to nourish the fur and ease out knots. Essential oils of orange and cedarwood offer deodorising properties and a natural repellant for fleas & ticks.

This product is paraben free, SLS free and free from animal derived ingredients.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray a mist directly onto a clean, dry coat and brush through to remove knots and tangles. To use as a coat conditioner, apply to freshly washed, wet fur and gently rub in. Rinsing optional. Be careful to avoid face and eyes. Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks.

250ml/8.4fl oz


250ml/8.4fl oz

Directions for use:
Use as often as necessary. Lightly spray product onto dry coat.

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