Hazel Dog Collar

$49.00 $66.00
Colour: Sand

Designed for those who are on the move, this waterproof lightweight collar makes it easy for running trails or errands. Tailored for withstanding the elements, it features durable and strong rubber coated webbing that is extra-thick and very flexible with a soft rubbery feel. Easy-to-clean, the Hazel Collar is the perfect accessory for the stylish active lifestyle enthusiast.

  • Waterproof

  • Lightweight

  • Strong rubber coated webbing

  • Soft rubbery feel

  • Easy-to-clean

Pet neck circumference: 8-11"
Collar width: 3/4"

Pet neck circumference: 11-14"
Collar width: 3/4"

Pet neck circumference: 14-17"
Collar width: 3/4"

Pet neck circumference: 17-21"
Collar width: 1"

Waterproof coated nylon

Light clean with a wet wipe

Deeper clean with warm softly soapy water

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